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There are no other books that deal with the natural assets of the Sydney as well or as completely as Sydney's Natural World. STEP believes that Sydney's Natural World will become the iconic benchmark by which Sydney's bushland will be assessed in the years ahead. It helps STEP demonstrate why we are conservationists when it comes to urban bushland.

If some destroyers get their way, the only place where some of these sites will remain will be in the pages of Sydney's Natural World.

Sydney's Natural World makes a wonderful gift for anyone interested in Sydney or urban bushland, for corporate gifts and for overseas visitors. It is a great way of showing people just what we have in the Sydney area apart from the Opera House and other built attractions.


John Martyn was born in Cornwall and came to Australia in 1970 after mapping in the Rift Valley of Kenya for his PhD in geology. Although he has lived in Sydney since 1979, much of his fieldwork as a minerals exploration geologist over the last 30 years has been in Western Australia.

His first experience of spring in the West Australian goldfields left him stunned by the colour and variety of flowers in the bush. It was the beginning of a lifetime enthusiasm for Australia’s flora and fauna.

Moving to Sydney, John was amazed by the beauty and variety of landscape and habitats around the city’s suburbs. He has been exploring, mapping and photographing Sydney’s natural world ever since.

John joined the STEP committee in 1990 and has dedicated many hours to STEP’s campaigns and publications. John has assisted spreading STEP’s name and aims through the publication of the following books and maps of walking tracks:

  • Rocks and Trees (2018)
  • Understanding the Weather: A Guide for Outdoor Enthusiasts in South-eastern Australia (2013)
  • Field Guide to the Bushland of the Lane Cove Valley (2010)
  • Field Guide to the Bushland of the Upper Lane Cove Valley (1994, out of print)
  • Sydney’s Natural World (2007)
  • Map of Walking Tracks of Middle Harbour Valley and Northern Harbour Foreshore: Sheets 1 and 2 Bungaroo and Roseville Bridge (2004, 2009)
  • Map of Walking Tracks of Middle Harbour Valley and Northern Harbour Foreshore: Sheets 3 and 4 Northbridge and North Harbour (2004, 2020)
  • Map of Walking Tracks of the Lane Cove Valley (2000 and 2016)

John has also coordinated our walks and talks programs, with himself leading several very informative and eye-opening walks. In recent years, John has chosen wide-ranging landscapes such as Deep Creek at North Narrabeen, Kurnell and Botany Bay National Park, Dog Pound Creek and the Hornsby Diatreme, Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park at West Head, Cumberland State Forest and Bents Basin. The popularity of his walks for STEP has led John to host walks for Hornsby Shire Council.