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Walk: Long Reef


A walk around the vast rock platform at Long Reef. This is a special place to see geology, lots of bird life, colourful rock pools, coastal scenery, and occasionally, wild weather and big seas.

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Date: Sunday 29 April
: 12.45 am for 1 pm start
Length: 3 km – we'll take about 3 h depending on what we see
Grade: easy, gentle climb to the point
Meet: at the end of Anzac Ave by the beach – parking is free along the roads and in the public car park next to the tennis courts near Pittwater Road though you pay everywhere else
Safety risks: rocks may be slippery, you may be more comfortable with a pole or lekki stick
: camera, binoculars, bird i.d. book, sunnies, sun cream and hat
Footwear: soft shoes that you don't mind getting wet – Vollies are best for grip on wet rocks
Lunch or snacks: there is a cafe and a coffee shop on Anzac Avenue and a good pie shop on Pittwater Road, but BYO if you wish
Leader: John Martyn (0425 830 260)

The cliff sections are of international significance in the study of Triassic climate and fossil soils that followed the massive, global end-Permian extinction event. There are also the best exposures of an igneous dyke anywhere in the Sydney area.

Bird life
Always lots of birds including all three local species of cormorants, lots of waders, terns, and if lucky an osprey diving for fish.

Rock pools
Colourful kaleidoscopes of water plants, molluscs, small fish, sea urchins plus an occasional octopus or even a bizarrely coloured sea slug.

Wild weather
Let's hope not too wild!

Osprey   LongreefRockpool

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Event Date 29-04-2018 12:45 pm
Location End of Anzac Avenue, Collaroy