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Sunday, 11 February 2018 22:59

Appeal to Stop Development that will Destroy the Bayview Wildlife Corridor

owlNorthern Beaches Council is currently considering a development application that has been submitted to build 95 seniors housing units, three to four storeys high in seven buildings on open space land at Bayview Golf Course. Construction will lead to the chopping down of more than 100 trees that are the core of a High Priority Coastal and Wildlife Corridor.

The corridor allows wildlife movement between the coast at Winnererremy Bay, Mona Vale and major habitat areas around Katandra Bushland Sanctuary and Nangana Road, Bayview. It is habitat for threatened and vulnerable species including a pair of Powerful Owls, glossy black cockatoos and a colonies of microbats and the Bent Wing Bat.

Under the Planning Policy for senior’s housing development a site compatibility certificate (SCC) is required to be issued by the Department of Planning before the development application can proceed. It confirms that the development is broadly compatible with the surrounding environment and locality. The department must consider a series of criteria covering environmental, resources, servicing and infrastructure and local impacts before making a decision.

A previous SCC application made in January 2015 was knocked back by the department on the grounds that:

  • the height and scale are out of character with surrounding residential character
  • the site is flood prone land and no evidence has been provided that the development will not adversely affect surrounding land uses
  • there are significant environmental implications for existing flora and fauna including threatened species and adjacent wildlife corridor.

The same SCC application was submitted in April 2017 and this time it was approved.

A report on restoring habitat for threatened species has recently been completed. The report found that vegetation patch area and wildlife corridors have the strongest positive effects on biodiversity when complemented by vegetation structure. Large sites greater than 30 ha are necessary to prevent a rapid loss of area-sensitive species.

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