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Saturday, 04 February 2023 21:27

Byles Creek land zoning change approved by council

As reported in STEP Matters Issue 216 Hornsby Council voted in favour of changing the zoning and other conditions in the LEP in relation to land in the Byles Creek Valley.

This decision has now been translated into a planning proposal that has been agreed by the mayor and councillors to go to the state government for their approval.

Once approved by the government, this proposal will allow changes to the R2-zoned land to more environmentally sensitive C4 zoning. This will prevent any further subdivision of the large lots in the subject area with associated wholesale clearing to provide asset protection zones. There will be greater protection of the riparian zone which is the land adjacent to the watercourse, in most places 30 m wide on each side of the creek.

Four years ago members of the Byles Creek Valley Union were told by their local member, Dominic Perrottet, that funds were in place to acquire some of the privately held bushland and he promised that he would take steps to start the process. Despite several follow ups this promise is still to be actioned.