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Wednesday, 01 April 2015 00:01

Clean Up Australia Day: No Let-up in Rubbish from Vehicles

Participants in Clean Up Australia Day once again noticed the massive extent of littering and rubbish dumping from vehicles. The Comenarra Parkway is a prime example.

Take-away food containers were the dominant item. It seems that people think it is okay to toss anything out the window. Inadequate securing of loads is also a major problem.

Fortunately, in the future, it will be possible for beverage containers to be returned to a reverse vending machine. The container deposit legislation announced by the NSW Government prior to the election is expected to take two years to implement.

The government also introduced a scheme on 1 March 2015 where littering from vehicles can be reported to the EPA via a website or app

To report littering from a vehicle, you must have observed the litter being discarded or blown from the vehicle. Seeing litter next to a vehicle and assuming that it came from that vehicle is not sufficient for a valid littering from a motor vehicle report.