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heath.jpgThere is surprisingly little information that describes, interprets and records heathlands and its ecology in Australia. However, Nick de Jong’s book, which has more than 700 full-colour photos, goes a long way to addressing this gap in our knowledge.

Nick has recorded, identified, described and photographed more than 320 species of plants from Ulladulla’s coastal headland heathlands. The information he has collated showcases the areas species-rich native flora and it is presented in such a way that it will help you with plant identification.

Whilst the wildflowers form the heart of the book, Nick also describes ten coastal walks and discusses the evolutionary adaptations of the plants to wind, salt, fire and weed invasion. Many of these issues are the subject of current scientific study.

If you’re interested in coastal heathland plants, this book will be an important addition to your library.

  • Describes 10 scenic coastal walks
  • Identifies and describes 320 native plants and their flowering times
  • Contains 700 full-colour photos
  • Explains habitats, ecology and cultural history
  • Identifies birds and butterflies

Cost: $45 ($35 + $10 postage)

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Published in STEP Matters 187